Advocacy and Lobbying

India is one of the most important markets for multinational companies and Indian organisations going global. Building a winning business here requires an in-depth understanding of its coalition politics, dynamic market and socio-cultural fabric. It requires an understanding of a wide range of complex and continuously evolving regulatory and policy issues that are an active part of its pluralist democratic set-up. The Indian bureaucracy plays a key role in the conceptualisation, change and reform of policy and regulation. At the same time, civil society plays a strong role in shaping the country's business environment.

Against this dynamic background, our team seeks to deliver real gains to businesses. By leveraging our in-house expertise and extensive network, we help define key stakeholders, map issues and develop and execute strategic engagement programmes across the country.

We use a research-based campaign framework to help you understand the big picture. Our team would help you to identify, engage and manage a complex web of influence both at the centre and the state level. This solid foundation helps build programme objectives, issue-specific messages and focused stakeholder outreach.