Media Research and Analysis

Simulations provides media information and analysis that is current, relevant and key to your business operations and growth. Simulations monitors both digital and print media, offering a news clipping service and electronic, web-based tracking amongst a host of media monitoring and analysis activities. Simulations undertakes regional and national media tracking of news on our clients, their competitors and the industry.

We evaluate all relevant news items and then provide customized media analytics reports tailored to your industry-specific activity. Our media analytics team gauges your brand presence and perception, and conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis of this data to help you in your business strategies.

Business intelligence is a key aspect of your business today, and the base ground on which your PR activity operates. The expert team at Simulations carries out extensive industry and sector analysis from regular monitoring of the media channels. With this knowledge, you are fully briefed on the latest industry trends and equipped to take informed business decisions to usher in growth.