Media Monitoring and Press Clipping Service

Looking for press clippings on your company, competitors or industry?

Ask yourself how much time it would take you to sift through newspapers, magazines, tv news channels, websites for all the news that matters to you related to your company, your clients, your competition, your indusrty and so on to compile a detailed actionable report out of day's news. Then ask yourself how much your time is worth?

We understand, you have deadlines to meet, have limited resources and even more limited time to catch up with news on your areas of interest.

However, we at Simulations do this quickly, efficiently and let you concentrate and focus more on your core areas. Each day for the last 15 years, we have been providing our clients with actionable intelligence further improving their ability to track company news, competitor activities, industry issues.

Our range of services has evolved right across the media monitoring spectrum. So whether you require clippings on your desk first thing in the morning to receiving clips in other electronic formats. We create a media monitoring solution within your budget to suit your exact needs and deliver them on time with ease.

We monitor more than 75 print media publications. This includes tracking of multiple editions of national business, mainline and regional language newspapers and international magazines with a variety of genre.

We monitor news on key industry segments and provide press clippings on Aviation, Automobiles, Banking, Education, Finance, Health, Hospitality, Insurance, Infrastructure, Infotech, Oil & Gas, Power, Retail, Real Estate, Telecom Sector etc. on a regular basis.

Incase if you would like to receive press clippings matching your specific requirements, we can arrange and provide you press clippings exactly the way they are needed from branded, unbranded, co-branded to uploading on website or on a CD-Rom etc.

All your press clipping can be delivered daily before 11.30 am IST, weekly, monthly or even at a time that is convenient to you.

For an additional fee, we can also provide analysis of your press coverage each month in a mutually agreed format.